4 Treatment and Prevention

Module 4


Assessments in Module 4 include one open response item and one formative assessment.

Open Response Item

You have been infected by a virus. Describe the two possible sequences of events your body would undertake to destroy the virus.

Cell-mediated response

  • Macrophages engulf a virus and display antigens on its surface
  • Helper T cells recognize these antigens and are stimulated to produce interleukin 1
  • Interleukin 1 causes helper T cells to divide and produce interleukin-2
  • Interleukin-2 stimulates killer T cells to divide
  • Killer T cells attack infected cells and destroy them
  • Macrophages clean up the mess

Humoral Response

  • Virus antigen binds to receptors on the surface of a B cell
  • This causes the secretion of antibodies specific to these antigens
  • Interleukin 2 stimulates B cells to divide and differentiate into memory B cells and more anti-producing B cells
  • Antibodies bind to viruses and viral infected cells
  • Macrophages clean up the mess

Formative assessment

Students select a disease on the Timeline of Infectious Diseases. They prepare a diagram, drawing, animation, cartoon or other means of displaying how the immune system mobilizes to ward off infection for their chosen pathogen.

Your teacher has assessment questions that may be assigned for quizzes or homework after you have completed this module.